Your Intranet just got a new home!

Team relationship
at the tip of your fingers


What is myZentral?

myZentral is your new Intranet!

Simple and easy is our motif.

In this platform you and your employees can access and work directly in company core processes:

  • access company's news and information,
  • manage employees' vacations/leave,
  • control approval flow,
  • access and access invoices in the palm of your hand,
  • and much more...

We want to make your life easy and give you access to the core information anywhere and anytime you need it. The platform is responsive and works in your PC/Mac, tablet and phone.
We are concerned about your company security so we developed myZentral aiming to protect your data.
Have fun using it!

What moves us?


We aim to provide SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) world-wide with a top-class management platform to manage core processes of the business at low cost.


Enterprises struggle to have their business running. Having top-class management information is expensive and it takes time-consuming transformation projects. Legal and financial obligations also consume most of the company's IT resources.

With myZentral your company can focus on its own business and leave core processes to us. It is a simple, efficient, secure and always growing platform.
Give us a try!

Manage your company
anytime, anywhere

Simple and intuitive



Communicate with your team. Simple and easy to use. Have an helicopter view over the ongoing processes and tasks.



Manage your team absence & leave and manage expenses easily. Simple and intuitive.



See the invoice in your hand anywhere. Have access to the real documents before you take a decision.

We have +50 pipelined features for the near future!

myZentral platform

What we offer?


Real-time business key indicators

Engage team with real goals

Focus on the essential

Get control of the approval process

Share responsibility

Control KPI's


Always available

Work anywhere, anytime

No server and hidden cost

Access your info from any device

Access your invoices anytime, paperless

See full detail before approval


Manage team absence and plan holidays

Workflow for invoice approval

Representation expenses controlled and approved

Direct communication with employees

Share the news and promote enterprise initiatives

Promote partnerships


Workflow all the incoming invoices

Controled end-to-end approval process

Access real-time digitalized version of documents

Engage the company in the approval process

Define responsibilities & share information

Control KPI's

We have +50 pipelined features for the near future!

myZentral use cases

Use Case 1 - People/HR - Vacations

Am I going to have a problem with my teams' anual leave?

Use Case 2 - Finance - Invoices

Who approved that expense?

Use Case 3 - Finance - Expenses

How do I receive my representation expenses?

Use Case 4 - CEO - KPIs

How is my Cost Center (or Business) evolving?

Use Case 5 - CEO - Objectives / tracking

How is the company (results and margin) evolving?

myZentral Pricing

Choose a payment plan that works for you


Pay per user

Unlimited users per company

Access Anywhere

Cloud hosting

Limited documents (500MB total - pay extra GB)

No support


Pay per user

Unlimited users per company

Access Anywhere

Cloud hosting

Limited documents (1GB total - pay extra GB)

Support (9PM to 5PM, working days)


Install on premises

Unlimited users

In company policies

Integration (specific projects to be quoted)

Internal security policies

Document size limits controlled internally


Prices presented in this chart are not final, just merely indicative, please contact us for final prices.

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Also contact us to request a demo.